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Koh Phayam – invited to attend dinner

JJ has invited us to join dinner with him. He mentioned that he bought a Tuna which has arrived a couple of hours ago. Question to us was : do you like sashimi? Answer: yes. Result:

I have to admit that i have not eaten such a fresh fish. Unbelievable tasty 😋 Accompanied with a spicy wasabi and soy sauce. so great. And when it was over we said thank you and tried to leave the table. JJ has said before it is just the appetizer and no one of us believed it. Wrong. It was an appetizer….

Followed by a whole fried fish (no bones!!) , jelly fish marinated) which is really good, chicken Hongkong style (means a cold dish ), and a very aromatic Tom Yum Gung soup. Wow. And finally, when we tried very hard to finish the table (without success ) a huge plate of mango slices and sticky rice was served . The desert. No way. White flag above our heads, we said Khop-Khun-Mah-Khrap and rolled out into the night. Someone made the suggestion to visit the Hippy Bar at the end of the beach. So we did a walk for digesting the food. Later one it seems that Mandy is not untalented in Yenga game 😊 What an outstanding evening….

Koh Phayam – Loy Khrathong

One of the most important events in the buddhist cycle of the year. People give their krathong to the river or the sea for happiness. Mandy built those for us…..

As you may know put some personal things on it (hair , finger nails…) and hand it over

But only if you not sick … happened to me again, didn’t clean my Nalgene water bottle properly and the heat and bacteria did the rest. I slept for almost 18 hours, had some tea and a rice soup and the life saving Flying Rabbit.

Koh Phayam – temple event

The small temple at the island is still operated by monks. JJ invited us to participate with him and his staff. Event is for happiness and joy A lot of people showed up and the small temple looked really overcrowded. Our task was to make the money tree growing

people step by and donated money for Buddha . And got blessed by us afterwards. It seems we had a farang bonus. and so a lot of people were happy to donate and take a picture with us. A lot of food was served. JJ decided to offer Pad Thai to the crowd.

Later on the honor was on us to hand over the money to the monks. We were the only foreigners among all the local devotes. Kind of special feeling and some mighty. If I got an orange dress, they would feed me on the streets every morning.

What a crazy day .

Malaysia – Thailand- Koh Phayam

Last hotel in Malaysia: Hotel 99 Sepang. Chosen just because it’s close to KLIA.

Transfer :

  • Ferry from Pangkor to Lumut
  • Bus from Lumut to KL sentral bus station
  • walk to KL sentral for KLIA express
  • KLIA express to Salak Tinggi
  • Grab to hotel

I booked the cheapest room category and here is what we got offered

And no window.. so finally we paid 30 Ringgit more and moved to a better room.

For food , we had a lot of options, nevertheless it was (again) the most worst we had chosen. MarryBrown. A mixture of KFC and something else. Bad taste, freaking atmosphere. As the only foreigners we have been starred by all local people.

Our advice: don’t go there.

Set the alarm clock for 4 am. Wasn’t able to sleep but Grab was waiting for airport transport. Immigration and security check was fast so we had an early coffee at the lounge. first one after a couple of days. Air asia provided a full self service check in even for luggage. But hey it works. 2:10 to Bangkok , DMK. Since we calculated 3 hrs layover already enough time for breakfast at Miracle lounge. The Coral Forest Lounge was nice but a little …. well, small but nicely organized. Landed at DMK , passed immigration easily and got prepared for the flight to UNN. Ranong welcomed us back with rain and a cloudy sky. Pons place picked us up and the speed boat left somewhere in the fishermen’s village. Just because of low tide. Even the island didn’t shed any sun rays…. but we had a warmhearted welcoming at JJs. So nice to see them again and be here.

Koh Phayam has healing powers….

Malaysia – Pulau Pangkor – Nipah Guesthouse

A very warm welcome. We stayed here 2019 for last time. And nevertheless, the door was opened by Alicia and it felt like coming home. Even there is no do yourself breakfast any longer it is still the same nice and quiet place as we kept it in our memories. The kids grow up of course. Cottage 2 was prepared for us. No need to show any documents since we are considered to be VIP guests ;) For some moments we were talking about everything and anything. Both glad that this little jewel still exists. for breakfast we had mainly instant coffee, locally typical, three in one and ready to eat oatmeal porridge.. this came along with some crackers and plastic cheese. Not bad for starting a day. we rented a little scooter to move around. Pangkor is as it used to be. Less European tourists as Alicia said. But still enough local tourists to keep the business going. Anuar said that too many Malaysian people travel to Thailand instead of spending their money here. And we told them about our plans for retirement, since Malaysia is still on the list. Both recommend Ipoh to settle down. We’ll see how it goes. Sunset at Nipah beach. Food offers all over the island are ok. Best dinner : Indian food. best lunch: Maggi bowl TomYam flavored. Rain was hitting us every day but more sun than rain makes our stay pretty much good.

Today we’re going to KL by bus. I picked a hotel very close to the airport since our flight to DMK is 06:50 am. 3 hours layover at DMK airport and catch the flight to Ranong at 11:05.

Malaysia – how to (not) book a ride….

I tried to use my newly installed Grab app to catch a ride to KL Central. Well, it did not work out.At any time I try to do the face verification I got a server error back. Finally, we used a normal taxi and the fare was incredible. 50 Ringgit instead of 12 Grab. Taxi driver offered us to bring us to Lumut for 550 Ringgit. The next hurdle was to get to get a train ticket. We were 40 minutes prior to departure at the train station, but we will not able to get a ticket. The trick is you need to get a slip and wait for the counter officer, or you try to do itself check in at the kiosk both failed. We were not that happy and since even grab was not working correctly, I tried to chat with the support guys from Grab, but no solution. Mandy installed Grab on her phone and it worked with a charm. She ordered the taxi and the driver offered 330 ringgit to Lumut. Three hours by car, and we arrived at the jetty just in timeYes it was cold due to aircon operating.

Singapore-Kuala Lumpur

being on a short flight from Singapore to Lumpur Kuala Lumpur for 40 minutes. Interesting fact, there is no Uber any longer business was taken over by Grab. so we took a normal taxi which is 40 Malaysian ringgit to the Doubletree Hilton at Landmark Shopping center. As a Hilton Honors Member we got an upgrade on our room, and the hotel itself is quite busy but it comes with all amenities we need. It is the second Doubletree by Hilton with an executive lounge.

King Executive Room with Mountain View

Executive Lounge provides a huge variety of food. Highlights: fresh green salad which you can cut out with a scissor.

chicken , pasta and Nasi Lemak
tasty small pieces
Sweet stuff

And, since we are running out of shirts we bought some at Direct sport shop. End of season sales and cheaper than black Friday offers in Germany.

I installed Grab so me be we get a cheaper ride tomorrow.

Singapore – zoo tour

Today we went to the Singapore zoo. Mandy told me that it was one of the first zoos ever they gave the animals almost their natural environment for living. The visit was included in our Singapore Pass .

zoo entrance

you can see several areas they are grouped either by the family of animals, for example, reptiles, or by the region in the world where they live for example, Australia.

Australasia 
White Rhino
Reptiles- a Komodo Dragon

The zoo is a little hard to reach you have to take the MRT for two lines and then a shuttle bus but at the end it’s definitely worth to go there. we spent almost 4 hours of relaxation, we had some food and of course you can learn even about nature

For dinner, we went to Chinatown. Our goal for this Singapore trip was finally to have chili crab, one of the most popular dishes in Singapore. Long story short we went into an authentic restaurant . We ordered chili crab just one to share it between us and well yeah, our conclusion is we do not need that again.

the beginning …
the end …

In Little India still the light show for Deepravali festival is on. Fantastic colorful sceneries….

happy Deepravali

Singapore- lazy day

Nothing on the list so let’s do poolside business 

yet another big white whale

And rewarded ourselves with an additional hour of napping 

OMG. Time to move since we scheduled an appointment with Daphne and Bernice. Got some Indian street food right around the corner

food heaven for 5,50€

After a nice walk along the river with some Singapore insights we have been surprised by a heavy rainfall. Jumped into a taxi and tried to reach the Art and Science museum opposite of MBS. (Marina Bay Sands) but due to the traffic we decided to go for dinner at Maxwell hawker center. wise decision and we had shared food around 7pm

Carrot Cake is missing on the picture…

Since I was thinking about the singing fountain show Daphne guided us through the CBD (Central Business District) to reach MBS area on time. While doing a fast walk we had still time for pictures

Impressive show. Very well done Singapore. And now time to go back to the hotel. My shoes were wet since hours from rain. You know the sound of squeezing shoes, do you? Not comfortable at all. That’s why a taxi brought us back. Again 14 km on my watch…

Singapore – arrived and busy day

Short flight operated by AirAsia (funny gate changes ..) and arrived in Singapore 09:15 pm. Taxi to Hilton Garden Inn was 28 SG$ which is 20€ and fair enough. Hilton Garden Inn do not offer upgrades in advance even if you are a Honor Diamond member. Nevertheless I asked friendly and we got a nice King deluxe room with a view. Since it was late we found some food around the corner and while staying in Little India … yes Chicken Brixani and Tikka Masala :) accompanied by lassi and mint shake. Delicious and cheap.

Went to bed around midnight and had a good sleep. Plans for Singapore were made already in advance so we would start with the Hop on Ho off bus (our first ever…) They offer 2 routes , red one is 70 min and yellow one is 80 miles n total. All attractions are covered. We had a break after the red route and allowed ourselves a rest. The sky was cloudy when we got up but we did the yellow line until Gardens by the Bay. And this was really outstanding.

I personally like the Avatar part mostly. MRT brought us to Maxwell hawker center and we had Wantoon , Nasi Ayam fried and a Vietnam baguette. Accompanied by Tiger beer and some nice traveler talk. It was sooo tasty and after a whole day with little food being so hungry that i had no time to take pictures :)

Back at the hotel laundry business was waiting which we did and well, some Tiger beer later sleep came quickly….